Blam in Gilead Audio CD

Balm in Gilead Audio CD


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Product Description

Balm in Gilead Audio CD

This Audio CD is highly anticipated 2009 album from the two time Grammy Award winning artist Rickie Lee Jones. Balm In Gilead features all-new material by the highly regarded cult heroine. This CD Includes guest appearances from Alison Krauss, Ben Harper, Victoria Williams, Bill Frisell, Jon Brion and Vic Chestnutt.

A verified buyer commented that this Audio Cd is Eclectic and that it has GOT to be Rickie Lee Jones’ middle name! He said that throughout her 30 year career, Rickie has been absolutely fearless, always unafraid to try something new. Heck, in the last decade alone, she’s bounced from 2000’s hit and miss covers album.

Now Rickie’s’s back with BALM IN GILEAD, her most structured, straight-ahead album in years. This is the disc fans of Jones’ debut album, PIRATES and THE MAGAZINE have been waiting years for. Pretty much every song has a beginning, a middle and an end, while Jones’ vocals are crisper, cleaner and more focused than they’ve been in ages. For me, the great thing about BALM IN GILEAD is that, while it’s going to make old school fans VERY happy, it’s still quirky enough to keep fans of the Geffen years (and beyond) smiling.

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